Benefits of Kanban Methodology

Kanban is a methodology that makes use of project management techniques which are more visually directed. Chalking out a map, or a blueprint of sorts that divides and delegates phases of development in a physical manner on a Kanban board is what this methodology is all about.

Tasks are jotted down on cards and progress in columns one after the other. As one chore in the development phase is completed, the assigned person can move down the column and hop on to the next task.

Kanban is a continuing development process that doesn’t stop after creating just one part but rather the entire product. It thus helps enterprises cut down on time and development costs.

It is highly used by teams across varied industries as it visually delegates tasks and makes it easier to understand what lies next in the pipeline, thus reducing any scope of error. But this isn’t all. Kanban has more to it than it meets the eye. Here’s a look at some of its benefits:

  • Flexibility & Responsiveness: Because Kanban is built on the “just-in-time” methodology, it is adaptable to changes in the market. Additionally, it concentrates on the tasks that are already underway and only adds new jobs from the top of the Backlog to the board once the earlier work has been finished so that the Project Manager can rearrange the items in the Backlog without stopping the process. This enables PMs to respond to the business requirements of the organisation, customers, and market while matching delivery to changing demand. The development team is guaranteed to produce the greatest value as long as the most crucial tasks are at the top of the Backlog.


Kanban, a method of agile software development, should be your go-to option for projects that are not very heavy and complex in nature and can be easily executed in one go. You can get your entire team involved and make their efforts visible throughout the development process, thus giving them a chance to shine and unleash their creative side all the while forging team spirit.



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