Benefits of Using Google Firebase

Firebase adheres to some principles Google tries to have in its cloud products. It is a backend as a service and requires very little server-side code if at all.

It scales/loads balances without any intervention from you and has an excellent support system that responds quickly. There is a lot of library support as well from the open-source community.

Some of the best parts about firebase are that it is built over WebSockets so you can make real-time applications with ease. More importantly, you can give a real-time feel to even traditional applications. The second best part is that billing is straightforward and overall it incurs a low cost after Google started backing it. But this isn’t all. Firebase and its database have more to offer. Let’s find out:

  1. Real-time: The Firebase Realtime Database uses data synchronisation rather than standard HTTP requests, so when every time data changes, all connected devices instantly receive the new information. It offers immersive and collaborative experiences without requiring one to consider networking code.


Prioritise user preference and business needs. If you’re a smaller business or startup, go with Google Firebase as a mobile app development solution for creating your mobile app’s backend. It is more cost-effective and lets you write applications from scratch and even rewrite existing applications. It is an even better option if you don’t have any custom coding to deal with.



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