CakePHP vs CodeIgniter: Exploring The Latest Technology

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4 min readJan 4, 2023

Two of the most hot and happening open-source web frameworks, CakePHP and CodeIgniter are PHP frameworks with a lot to offer to developers as well as tech leaders.

Being the latest technology in the market, the two don’t have the same sense of awarness as other tech stacks.

In this blog, we’ll disect both CakePHP and CodeIgniter with regards to their advantages and disadvantages and understand which one is best for you!


  • Introduction
  • All you need to know about CakePHP
  • Advantages of CakePHP
  • Disadvantages of CakePHP
  • All you need to know about CodeIgniter
  • Advantages of CodeIgniter
  • Disadvantages of CodeIgniter
  • Conclusion — Which one to Choose?

All you need to know about CakePHP

CakePHP is an open-source PHP framework that uses the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture to construct websites. ActiveRecord, Association Data Mapping, Front Controller, and MVC are examples of well-known design patterns used by the Cake PHP rapid development framework. Fortune 500 IT corporations like Corel and Cisco, as well as other businesses like BitDefender, a maker of antivirus software, Men’s Health, and, have all made extensive use of CakePHP. Businesses who use this PHP framework and its RoR (Ruby on Rails) idea have been praised for both its simplicity and versatility.

Advantages of CakePHP

  • Offers excellent user management features as well as custom template features for quick coding and scalability.
  • Its Object Relation Modal programming makes it simpler to create SQL queries and receive their responses on the server side.
  • It has great file management capabilities and supports a large number of languages and databases.

Disadvantages of CakePHP

  • For CakePHP to generate Fancy URLs, the default routes must be updated. The CakePHP functionality is also not the easiest to learn.
  • In general, CakePHP’s one-way routing is inferior to competing PHP frameworks.

All you need to know about CodeIgniter

For developers who require a straightforward and elegant toolkit to build fully functional web apps, CodeIgniter is an effective PHP framework with a relatively tiny footprint. One of the most well-liked and practical frameworks, CodeIgniter provides you with all the functional capabilities you need and a simple approach to create a web project using PHP. With the help of CodeIgniter’s features, developers can easily build dependable web apps. The programmer can choose, access, and deploy numerous anthologies from various code compositions using a framework like CodeIgniter.

When compared to the wide range of other frameworks that are available, some of its additional aspects help it stand out. Among these features are support for MVC-based design, fully-modular codebase, customizable Admin Interface, and compatibility with PHP 4 and PHP 5.

But what distinguishes this framework from other tools of a similar nature? It comes with a wide range of libraries that offer a large number of features and code events. The consumers can implement these featured scripts promptly, without any configuration, and moreover benefit from its utility thanks to the ideal combination of development functionalities within its environment. The environment is fluid and quick thanks to its straightforward interface and user-friendly system components.

Advantages of CodeIgniter

  • CodeIgniter has the benefits of being free from complicated development processes, having outstanding presentation, and not requiring any fundamental coding conventions.
  • In comparison to other presentation layers, this one is extensive, light, fluid, and has special debugging features.
  • With modification and simple handling, new features and effortless Active Record implementation are added.

Disadvantages of CodeIgniter

  • PHP programmers are employed by businesses to create understandable, comprehensible code. Firms can maintain, modify, and upgrade their web app rapidly in the future thanks to the high quality and straightforward code. However, CodeIgniter does not by default enable the modular separation of code, unlike the majority of PHP frameworks.
  • It enables you to only install the libraries that the web application requires. CodeIgniter’s libraries are not as comprehensive as those created by other contemporary PHP frameworks.

Conclusion — Which one to Choose?

When deciding to hire PHP developers, There are areas where CakePHP scores over CodeIgniter and vice-versa. With the pros and cons oscillating equally between the two PHP frameworks, it can be easily concluded that the preference over one to other is purely from a personal view and as per application requirement. If you prefer the MVC pattern then you’d naturally favor CakePHP over CodeIgniter. However, if you are new to frameworks, you might prefer CodeIgniter since it is a lot simpler and easier to learn.



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