Flutter And Why It Could Be The Future Of Mobile App Development

Why Flutter Could Be The Future Of Mobile App Development
  • Known Programming Language: Flutter, which is a relatively new framework created by Google in 2017, uses Dart as its programming language — also created by Google. Dart, though new, is easy to use and extremely client-centric. If you are well-versed with Java/C++, you’ll most definitely be able to relate to Dart as opposed to a JavaScript developer.
  • Abundant Developers: An advantage that Dart (Flutter) has is that it is more popular than React Native amongst developers despite React Native being in the market for ages. This is due to its ease of use and familiarity among developers who already know Java/C++. Thus, it won’t be a problem to find Flutter developers for your app development projects when you decide to hire one.
  • High Performance: Unlike React Native which uses a JavaScript bridge to enable communication between the programming language and native language components, Flutter does not have a JavaScript bridge since Dart code is compiled to native machine code. This improves Flutter’s performance and reduces the chances of lagging in the app’s UI.
  • Impressive User Interface: Flutter is great for creating native-like apps due to the host of UI widgets it has to offer such as Cupertino and Material Design. With a myriad of interactive materials available on Flutter, you can easily customise your app’s UI and create dynamic designs which can give your app a more appealing look.
  • Affordable Developer Rates: Even though onshore Flutter developers can cost a fortune, there’s always the golden opportunity of outsourcing your Flutter developers rather than hiring them full-time. This will not only save you time and money but also give you a chance to onboard global talent that can hit the ground running.



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