How To Seamlessly Create Mobile App Wireframes

Wireframes are the backbone of any project and mobile app development is no exception to it. To create high-performance and high-quality mobile apps, you first need to chalk out what purpose your app should serve and then what it should look like.

The process of chalking out your app’s user features and mapping out navigation processes ends up creating a wireframe that sets the grounds for tangible developmental work.

Here’s how to create a sound wireframe for your mobile app:

  • Chalk out a user flow: Creating a user flow is very important as it lays the groundwork for how your entire app is going to look like and how many screens and windows it will have. When the users click on a particular option, it will take them somewhere and if they click further, it will again take them somewhere. To determine what that ‘somewhere’ is, you need to create a user flow that is simple yet intricate enough to entice your audience.
  • Decide on a mobile frame: Once you’re sure of the user flow, set a definite mobile frame upon which you’ll work. This step is a life-saver as it helps you stay mindful of what designs, tabs and elements you can add to your app. Without a set frame, you might end up adding unnecessary features that not only serve any purpose but also don’t have enough room to show up on your user’s mobile frame.
  • Map out the layout: Now create a user layout for your app that is not only visually appealing but also practical at the same time. This means, create designs, boxes and circles that have a purpose and can be used for adding content. Create a sense of hierarchy with your layout wherein what’s of more importance and value comes at the top with enough room to shine.
  • Add your original content: Once the layout is set and the colour scheme, designs and features decided, add the content in the designated boxes and make sure that it syncs and fits perfectly. To ascertain that nothing sticks out like a sore thumb, go with what you had decided upon in the first place while creating the layout and walk on the path of minimalism.


Without an elucidative wireframe, embarking on an escapade to architect a mobile app will only result in creating a mess that has no market value to it. So to save yourself time and money, following the traditional yet time-tested method of creating wireframes is the way to go.



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