Pros & Cons of Using Java

One of the most frequently used and highly sought-after application development services, Java is the first choice of many companies when it comes to building robust apps that cater elegant solutions to the most complex user pain points.

If we take a peek at many of the apps on Playstore, a lot of them have been made using Java. This is also partly due to Java being the official development language for Android until it got replaced by Kotlin. Java has a massive online community that any developer can lean on for support when they experience hiccups. Due to being proactively supported by Google, one can create extremely elegant and complex apps using the language.

Java has so much to offer that any app developer who isn’t acquainted with it, is missing out on something. Its web app technologies streamline the entire development process for programmers and make tasks simpler.

Yet it too has its fair share of cons as much as it has its pros. Here is a handful of them:


  • Being multiplatform, Java works smoothly on any platform be it your devices, servers, or operating systems.


  • Java’s syntax can be complicated for beginners to understand and grasp in the initial stages as compared to Python or C++.


Java is a time-tested programming language with many world-renowned apps such as Uber, Spotify, Instagram, Netflix, etc. under its belt. Over the years it has garnered immense developer support which one can easily rely on. Its high safety standards also make it more secure. But then again, like other programming languages, it doesn’t have the touch of the latest technological advancements and lags in developmental time along with other nuances. By knowing all of this, you can make an informed decision if you want to outsource Java development or not.



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