Pros & Cons of Using Kotlin

A cross-platform app development language, Kotlin has been declared by Google to be the official Android app development language in 2019 and a great alternative to Java. Unlike Java, Kotlin has eliminated and eased up some of the unnecessary steps and processes in app development. For instance, you no longer have to end every line with a semicolon.


  • Applications made with Kotlin are lightweight and seer away from taking up a lot of space in the user’s device.


  • Being a fairly new programming language as compared to Java, Kotlin doesn’t have a great user base or support community to rely on when they face hiccups in the development process.


Kotlin is extremely adept, built for ease of development and time effectiveness. It’s up to date and abreast with the latest advances in app development to give developers a great experience through and through. The biggest setback with Kotlin is the lack of developers in the market who use it. Being fairly new, it can be a hassle to find seasoned Kotlin programmers.

Kotlin is a great programming language, and weighing its pros and cons can help you decide to hire dedicated app developers adept in it.



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