SaaS Product Development and Staff Augmentation — How does it work?

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3 min readOct 12, 2022

SaaS is a fast and volatile industry brimming with new advancements and developments as every competitor tries to outdo the other.

To counter increasing competition, SaaS companies need to foray into new ways to better equip their product with the inputs of their dynamic users.

This process and the entirety of a SaaS product development cycle is a tedious task, one that cannot be borne by in-house teams. In-house teams not only lack the ability to think objectively towards something they’ve created themselves but also lack the creativity as every in-house team does at one point once they have exhausted their pools of ideas and fresh takes.

This is when something as feasible and effective as staff augmentation comes into the picture.

Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation is a great model to use when you’re in need of certain developers who are wizards at specific tech niches. Staff augmentation allows you to pick and choose which software developers you need rather than hiring an entire army and thus saves you a lot of time and trouble.

Here’s a scenario to think of: There may be a number of reasons why your internal team can’t always complete a certain software project the way you’d like. Asking them to perform the same tasks with insufficient skill sets can lower their morale and motivation to work. At this point, assembling specialised teams and adding people to your existing team becomes necessary. You can save time, and money, and keep your present employees motivated and less stressed out by outsourcing your IT talent for some software development tasks.

Let’s dive deeper into this phenomenon and learn some of the key benefits of staff augmentation:

1. Cost-effective: Of all the benefits, the most compelling benefit of resorting to staff augmentation is cost efficiency. It gives companies access to a larger talent pool at lower costs than traditional hiring. With its adaptable engagement models, staff augmentation helps businesses outperform their rivals.

2. Access to larger talent pools: Staff augmentation gives users access to a wider talent pool available globally. Hiring professionals from different nations enhances the likelihood that they will meet your requirements. These experts employ cutting-edge techniques to complete challenging jobs.

3. Flexibility in the workforce: Flexible workforce is the main advantage of staff augmentation. This has an immediate effect on hiring costs. A temporary workforce with flexibility is employed to work for a defined period of time. It refers to a workforce that can be scaled up or down depending on the situation. Hiring for ongoing tasks allows you to choose the best professionals with the aid of staff augmentation.

4. The smooth functioning of operations: By enhancing the operational structure, staff augmentation gives your company a competitive advantage. Staff augmentation models increase operational efficiency with its domain-centric approach. It immediately adds value to internal teams due to extensive exposure to various tools and technologies.

5. Empowering in-house teams: If you’re looking to boost your team’s morale, the most effective solution is staff augmentation. It will relieve the in-house staff with extra burdens and help businesses react to changing market landscape.


Staff augmentation services and other means of outsourcing shouldn’t be tactics confined to conventional product development. Even SaaS product development can benefit heavily from such engagement models and businesses must make use of it to reap the benefits.



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