Things Every Designer Needs To Know About Mobile App Interaction

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2 min readJun 1, 2022


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Mobile app interaction forms the core basis of how a user will interact with an app and whether they’ll choose to open the app again.

It is the backbone of retaining customers that you inherit through your mobile app. So if your app interaction is anything short of spectacular, you are sure to lose business.

Thus to avoid such scenarios, here are a few things every designer should know about mobile app interaction:

  • App Orientation: Even though the majority of the users use an app in portrait mode, there could be a chance when someone who is just on a whim would like to switch to landscape mode. In such cases, you need to be prepared. As a designer, you need to make sure that things look savvy even in landscape mode and that nothing looks out of place.
  • Shorter Forms: It is the gospel truth that no one in their right mind will use a mobile app if they know they need to fill out lengthy forms on it. That’s the kind of job best done on a desktop application. If your application has lengthy forms to fill in, you might want to avoid them or create shorter forms so as to not drive away your building user base.
  • Permission Request: Never bombard a user with multiple permission requests at once. This could baffle them and make them feel like they’re no longer in control of their own data. If you need to detect the user’s location, ask for the location permission and not for the storage, camera or contacts permission.
  • Let The Search Field Be Visible: Always keep the search field in the user’s sight. If they have difficulty finding something on the app, the search field should be the last thing they need to worry about finding. This will reduce the chances of the user giving up on the app and inevitably deleting it just because they couldn’t navigate through the app well.


These small tips and tricks can take an app’s user interaction a long way. Users today are quickly losing their interest in things as new things constantly pop up on their screens. For your app to hold their attention, it needs to have a smooth and seamless interface and great app interaction. Once you implement these pointers, your app’s users will increase and so will the time they spend on your app.



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