Top Magento Development Tools Every Magento Developer Should Know

It’s no secret that Magento is one of the most preferred and used platforms when it comes to building robust e-commerce websites for your online store.

It is bountiful with the number of tools it has to offer, seamlessly facile to use and more importantly effective and efficient.

Any Magento developer whose level of expertise falls between the range of a novice to a maestro can create something lively and dynamic using the platform. And all of this is thanks to the wide range of tools it has to boast.

If you’re a Magento developer of any calibre, you’re sure to know some tools that go into the making and upkeep of a great e-commerce website.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and get a run down of some of the top Magento development tools in the market that every developer must know!

  • Magento Debug: Magento Debug is a great tool that boasts of a toolbar to debug codes. It helps to list request attributes so that developers can better navigate through the script. It is quite similar to the Magento development toolbar except for its appearance.
  • Magento PHPUnit Integration: Magento PHPUnit Integration is a great tool to stay on the safer side before you launch your app as it helps you test the code throughout the development process, promoting test-driven practices. You can test your written code in any scenario and get real-time insights into the errors and problems without changing the core files.
  • MageTool: The MageTool is an effective answer to all the mundane, repetitive tasks that you encounter throughout the development process. Using the MageTool, you can streamline the entire development process and improve the workload by simply running a few commands.
  • PHPStorm: If you have a project that is too large and hefty that it might take up a lot of your time, PHPStorm is just the thing for you. It helps you categorise and navigate through large projects efficiently and streamline the entire process. You can also use this tool to test your code and find your way through it more effectively so that you can save up on time.


Needless to say, Magento is one of the most thriving platforms when it comes to building compelling e-commerce websites. Thus, an employer’s job is not only to find a reputed Magento development company to hire a Magento developer but also to assess a candidate that has the right tools and skillsets. As a Magento developer, if you don’t have your hands on the right tools, you might simply end up increasing your workload. If you are someone who has never given these tools a try, it’s high time that you do now!



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