What to consider before Hiring a Remote Development Team

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2 min readJan 24, 2022


Do you need a remote development team for your upcoming software development project?

Work systematically through the steps below to ensure you have the right team in place to think strategically, translate your vision, manage your projects effectively, and future-proof your company.

These are the measures you must take before hiring specialized remote developers for your project:

Do your Homework Thoroughly

Consider the end goal, write down what is required, and determine your weekly, monthly, and quarterly targets to attain the end goal.

Consider your target market, target industry, competitors, and how you want to launch the product — whether a full-featured final product or a minimum viable product (MVP) with key features for beta users.

These aspects will help you map your targets, and correctly assess the development team.

Make a List of Possible Technology Partners

Go over the internet and compile a list of suitable Software Development Companies to whom you wish to outsource your development work. Examine their portfolio, their use cases, noting the benefits and drawbacks of each while making a note of their portfolio and previous projects.

Client feedback/testimonials can be found on the Clutch, TopFirms, or G2 websites.

Conduct a Preliminary Interview

Examine a few qualities while interviewing the prospects, such as communication skills, comprehending the big picture, curiosity, punctuality, and dedication.

Vett the experience, the exposure, and the past projects of the developer. Make sure that there is a definitive screening process for hiring. Smarter vendors often have pre-vetted developers in their pool to make hiring easier for you.

Security & Service Quality

Ensure the remote software development team you hire is well-versed in data handling and server security. Their primary purpose should be to produce high-quality products + ensuring that there is adequate security around your product.

Review the Contract & then Sign

Once you’ve selected your dedicated software development team, it’s time to sign the contract. Because you must methodically go through each point to confirm whatever is mentioned is correct. With this in mind, have the contract reviewed by an attorney to verify that your interests are protected. This could be a lengthy procedure where patience is required.

Understand that there is a process behind hiring a remote developer.

The hiring does not have to be haphazard and abrupt. There has to be certain checks when hiring — to eliminate any risk of potential bad hires.

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