Why Entrust Your Web & App Development To ASP.NET

An open-source, server-side web application development framework, ASP.NET was invented by Microsoft in the early 2000s to create robust web applications, web services, and websites.

Today it is one of the myriads of app development frameworks out there yet it continues to garner huge developer backing and support thanks to its originality, user-friendly build, etc.

If you are looking to build your web app that withstands technological advancements and user needs, ASP.NET is just the framework for you, and here are some reasons to prove it:

  • Your applications are safe and secure thanks to ASP.NET’s built-in Windows authentication and a per-application setup.

These benefits are just the tip of the iceberg. ASP.NET offers developers a great deal of leeway to create web apps that are not only safe and secure but also user-centric.

It must be noted that just using ASP.NET without the right skills to employ it isn’t going to help create robust web apps and websites. Today’s hybrid companies need to hire a seasoned remote ASP.NET developer who can lead the developmental charge, risk-free.

Here are some skills developers should meet when they are hired for ASP.NET development.

1) Front-end development expertise

An ASP.NET developer must know a lot about client-side services. A deep understanding of front-end development allows a professional to innovate and create intuitive solutions.

2) HTML & CSS know-how

Every ASP.NET developer should excel in front-end development. CSS and HTML have become critical skills in this regard. Persons that have a lot of experience and knowledge are the ones most sought after by companies. It will help to strengthen the development cycle and make it easier to build a team.

3) Strong understanding of SQL & databases

Data is vital for all initiatives and products, regardless of their size or scope. The world of technology, like ASP.NET projects, is data-driven. Because ASP.NET is compatible with server-side technologies like MySQL and SQL, developers should be familiar with them. It is critical to have a solid understanding of these technologies.

4) Required visual basic knowledge

Visual Basic (VB) is one of the most widely used programming languages today, primarily because it allows developers to create Windows programs. Its graphical user interface (GUI) allows developers to make code modifications using simple drag-and-drop functions.

5) Understanding of Azure & AWS hosting services

Nowadays, Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are two of the most widely used hosting services. It’s a must-have for any .NET project. ASP.NET developers who have an end-to-end understanding of the same and can drive ASP.NET-based development procedures are really what companies are looking for.


ASP.NET is an extremely reliable and adept web app development framework when leveraged in the right way to fulfill projects. One can always turn to it due to its cost-effectiveness, and safe development codes and end up building a great web app.



Netsmartz strives to be a Leader in the Global Marketplace for IT Solutions in the areas of Cloud & Infrastructure Services, eLearning, Enterprise Mobility.

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Netsmartz strives to be a Leader in the Global Marketplace for IT Solutions in the areas of Cloud & Infrastructure Services, eLearning, Enterprise Mobility.