Why Use Ruby On Rails

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2 min readJun 29, 2022

A beloved open-source software used by developers to build web applications, Ruby on Rails (RoR) is the preferred choice of many when it comes to creating robust online stores, stock marketing platforms and social networking sites.

Rails, which is a server-side web app development framework written in Ruby programming language, can also be defined as a packaged library called RubyGem.

It has been consistently ranked as one of the most used and sought-after programming languages among the likes of Python, Java and PHP.

But why is this so? Let’s find out what makes Ruby on Rails stand out from the rest!

  • Flexibility: One of the most revered aspects of Ruby on Rails is the flexibility it has to offer to both the developer and the client. Its adaptability has made it a top choice among startups and scale-ups alike. The development process is so streamlined and seamless that you can make iterations and additions such as adding or removing modules, and modifying or expanding parts of the application throughout the development process. This added flexibility gives developers the freedom to choose the right elements for their app as and when needed.
  • Speed: With Ruby’s lean code-base and fewer lines of code in totality, developers experience a more accelerated pace of development in comparison to other languages and frameworks. Ruby on Rails is crystal clear with its easy-to-understand code, simple logic, object orientation and modular design, making it a fan among developers. It also has to offer a myriad of ready-to-use elements that fasten the process. This means no need to build infrastructure, configure files for setup or select defaults anymore.
  • Easy Maintenance: Being open-source, Ruby on Rails has no licensing costs, making it a treasure trove for businesses. Even developers benefit from this as it aids them in cutting down on time and costs, and focus on the core activity that is creating an app. Having weathered the market and its dynamic needs and changes, Ruby om Rails has matured over the years. It is easier to maintain and support than any upcoming language in the market as it favours convention over configuration. Its clean code and default conventions make it easy to troubleshoot for even a novice.


Ruby on Rails has a lot of benefits to it and the fact that it has been used to make renowned applications such as Zendesk, Scribd, Shopify and more is a testament to its usability and scalability. This gives your company all the more reason to hire Ruby on Rails developers.



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